Hancock Real Estate

Seller Packet

Items Needee For listings
  • Deed

  • Property Tax Statement

  • Title Policy

  • Survey

  • Plat

  • Any additional legal papers on property

  • List of Restrictions (if any)

Listing checklist

You will sign the following forms:
1. Listing Agreement
2. Information about Brokerage Services
3. Seller’s Disclosure Notice
4. Lead Based Paint Addendum (Home built before 1978)
5. Seller’s Authorization to Release and Advertise information
6. Seller’s Net Proceeds Sheet
Please provide Listing Agent with the following:
1. Survey
2. Prior Inspection Reports (if any)
3. Mortgage Statement showing balance and payment (if any)
4. Copies of transferable warranties (if any)
5. Key to your home,
as many as you have if you have multiple doors requiring different keys
6. Blueprints of your house (if available)
7. Any special showing conditions
8. Any issues related to the seller’s ability to convey the property
divorce, joint ownership, estate ownership, etc.

The Listing Agent will:

1. Provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
2. Place a lockbox key with a key in it for Licensed Realtors to show the home
3. Take photos of your home for entering into appropriate listing systems
ex: MLS, Business and Commercial websites
4. Prepare flyers for people in office to have information about your home
5. Place a sign in your yard
6. Advertise your property for sale in various internet, print and radio forms (Multiple Listing Service (MLS), our website, thrifty nickel, the peddler, Zillow.com, realtor.com, southeasttexas.com, tour factory, social media (ex: Facebook ), and conduct an open house)
7. Assist in the showing of your property, as needed
8. Answer questions any individual or Real Estate Professional may have concerning your home and the offering.
9. Provide you with updates concerning your property (bi-weekly reports)
10. Present all offers to you
11. Assist in negotiations of all offers
12. Communicate with you and all parties throughout the closing process

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